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Call of Duty pre-orders are low, who will be the new FPS king?

Call of Duty has long reigned supreme in terms of overall sales for a console game. It’s instant accessibility, coupled with its popularity among teenage boys and the esports crowd […]


Xbox One continues trend of higher overall attachment rate

The #4thegamers motto is something which Sony boast far too often. So far this statement has been false as it seems they are yet again losing the attachment rate war, […]


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The perils of being an Xbox gamer

Last generation being an Xbox gamer was great, we started by pushing our great Playstation rivals to last place in the console war with early sales and dominated them in North […]


Xbox 360 selling the same amount of units as the Xbox One

Whilst the PS4 is comfortably outselling its predecessor, the Xbox One is struggling to shrug off the 360. Sales spiked upon the release of Titanfall but beyond this the sales […]

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