Original Xbox PAL rare games – Ultimate list 2015

Top Xbox Rare games (PAL) 2015 The original Xbox had many great titles and some of these are now becoming rare and hard to find. I have searched around the internet to try and identify some of these but no real list seems to have helped. Luckily I have been collecting

The perils of being an Xbox gamer

Last generation being an Xbox gamer was great, we started by pushing our great Playstation rivals to last place in the console war with early sales and dominated them in North America overall. There was a host of AAA titles, excellent exclusives and the pad was the best on the market.

Are female gamers treated equally?

In an age where women have pushed equality and fought for their rights and are now deemed equal, we still see the term 'gamer girl', 'gamer chick' or similar cringeworthy term used to describe them. The rise of mobile gaming has seen a huge rise in the numbers of females who are

5 must have Wii U accessories

The current range of accessories on the Wii U may be limited in quantity but we all know Nintendo consoles usually have the most collectible and sort after peripherals and this generation is no different. Here is our list of what we consider essentials for the Wii U, we base

Call of Duty pre-orders are low, who will be the new FPS king?

Call of Duty has long reigned supreme in terms of overall sales for a console game. It's instant accessibility, coupled with its popularity among teenage boys and the esports crowd have seen sales showing no signs of letting up, until now that is. Continue reading “Call of Duty pre-orders