Xbox 360 selling the same amount of units as the Xbox One

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Why has the focus shifted from games to resolution and console sales?

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Original Xbox PAL rare games – Ultimate list 2015

Top Xbox Rare games (PAL) 2015

The original Xbox had many great titles and some of these are now becoming rare and hard to find. I have searched around the internet to try and identify some of these but no real list seems to have helped. Luckily I have been collecting myself and have amassed a collection of a few hundred games so now have an idea of what is rare and valuable. Many lists circulating the internet are outdated so I have compiled this list for 2015 and will keep this updated every 6 months or so to keep in line with current trends.

I used to collect Xbox games when the console was in its prime, amassing some 350 titles but got rid of my collection (including Steel Batallion!) and times have changed. The once most sought after Marvel vs Capcom 2 now fetches a lowly £4 compared to the £30 of yesteryear. On the other hand games like Battlefront 2 have skyrocketed so knowing what is a good price to pay or sell for has become difficult so hopefully this will help some of you out!


1. Room Zoom

Good luck finding this game in the wild. This game has always been rare which was probably noted a few years after release and collectors have snapped all of them up. A few copies appear to be on ebay and it looks like you’ll have to pay big to own this game as the chances of finding this rare game in the wild are zero. The game itself is not too bad, it’s like Re-Volt for grown ups where you er… zoom around a room.

This game usually can be found for between £40 – £50

2. Gene Troopers

This like Room Zoom has always been hard to pick up. Amazon has some stock every now and then but more common copies seem to be Italian, maybe they like crap games in Italy. Finding an English, UK release will probably cause you many headaches and won’t be cheap either.

Expect to pay £30 – £40.

3. Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max’d

This is not to be confused by the game without MAX’D on the end of its title which can be found easily for peanuts. A lot of sources will state this wasn’t released in PAL format but it was and can be a pain to find. It appears on ebay every couple of months but obviously collectors keep their eyes peeled so snap it up whilst you can.

This is not an expensive game but price could go up. Expect to pay around £10, if you pay less it’s a steal.

4. Exclusive Limited Edition Double Packs (EA)

There are five of these to collect which feature games that sold well and can be found easily (such as Burnout and Need for Speed) in a cardboard sleeve. The Sims double pack is probably easiest to pick up but there is a Lord of the Rings double pack which may prove a bit more elusive. The rarity of these is probably based on the fact they were released when everyone already had the games and paying for two bundled games made no sense.

Expect to pay the following for each set

Racing Pack – £15

Sims Pack – £5 – £10

James Bond Agent Pack – £10 – £15

Top Hits Pack – £20

Lord of the Rings Pack – £15 – £20

5. TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan

The previous 2 installments sold OK but this one wasn’t picked up many. The original Xbox was never a place to play the best platform games but this multi-format title was actually not too bad. This game is extremely rare and I have never seen a copy in a store, even around the time it was released.

Prices can vary wildly, you may get lucky and pick it up cheap but expect to pay around £40 on ebay.

6. Ultra Bust A Move

This game wasn’t great, it felt dated but still commands a high price because of the Bust A Move name attached to it. This style of game is pretty much dead but if you’re a fan of Bust A Move this is a must have. This game is one of the rarest on the Xbox, it’s another game I’ve never seen in store too.

This game usually goes for around £20

7. Steel Battalion

I really shouldn’t need to explain this one. It cost over £200 new and all copies are in the hands of collectors. I wouldn’t say this was the rarest game as some games have sold less but it is the most difficult to get hold of as not many people want to sell and when they do you can expect to pay hundreds for game and controller.

You won’t find this for less than £150 and you will likely have to pay much more. Yikes!

8. Syberia

This is a strange one. The sequel sold pretty well but trying to find the original is no easy task. The game is a pretty mundane point n click, which looks like any other of the hundreds that can be found on PC. That being said, the storyline is pretty decent but playing it can get laboured.

This game currently fetches £15 – £20

9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

A good solid beat em up which did absolutely nothing different than the first two. This probably isn’t as rare as the ones already mentioned on this list but is getting trickier to find. At the time of writing this there is only one copy on ebay which is a sure fire way of telling a games rarity.

The game is quite expensive at around £30

10. Barbie Horse Adventures

I used to own this game but gave it away to my cousin who I felt it was more age appropriate to (she was 4). The game is pretty awful but the kids may enjoy Barbie riding a horse around pointlessly. It’s so rare because Xbox was not the right platform to release the game on. I know it was released elsewhere but why they bothered releasing it is beyond me.

I picked my copy up for £8. Expect to pay double if not triple this now.

11. Xiaolin Showdown

A late release (last released game in Europe) and awful gameplay sealed the fate of this turkey. If you haven’t seen the TV show of the same name then lucky you.

This game is so rare that pricing is difficult as not many are sold/traded. I imagine £25 would be the asking price these days.

12. Frankie Dettori Racing

Again this had a late release and isn’t as good as G1/Champion jockey. The exploits of the man himself may make this game slightly more unpopular and a few copies can be found on ebay/Amazon.

Price for this is usually £20

 13. Jaws Unleashed

This game had to have a place on the list. It’s one of only a few that are actually quite good though. You play as Jaws and try to eat people. Yes, it is that good. This is not all that rare but the fact it’s so good drives the price up.

Price varies but £20-£25 is a fair price.

14. Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

I was a little reluctant to put this on the list as copies can be found relatively easily in comparison to some titles on this list but this game demands a fair price and didn’t sell great either so is worthy of a spot. This is probably the one game most Xbox collectors try and pick up first.

Prices are currently higher than normal due to the Jurassic World movie but regardless this will cost £30 – £40 used.

15: Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters

Many lists will tell you that Godzilla Save the Earth is a rare game. This isn’t strictly true. Whilst both games suffered miserable sales it is Destroy All Monsters which is the rarer of the two. A quick search on ebay shows 15 copies of Save the Earth and ZERO Destroy All Monsters. Pick this up aas soon as you see it, it’s extremely difficult to get at any price.

This game should cost you around £25 – £30

16. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness

This is probably one of the least surprising entries. Castlevania games hold their value because of their fanbase which are usually hardcore and wouldn’t be willing to sell. A brilliant game in its own right, this game is hard to come by in store anymore.

The game will set you back around £40

17. Lotus Challenge

Not a good game by any stretch of the imagination but can be difficult to find.

It will set you back around £10 at the minute.


Games that you should sell

Believe it or not there are a few games that are over inflated at the minute The recent hype for Star Wars Battlefront has seen prices go through the roof for what is a fairly common game (1 AND 2). I would get rid and collect the £50 or so that both of these games would fetch and spend it elsewhere. Once the new Battlferont drops expect to pay half this or even less. Shenmue 2 is obviously another example but I don;t see the price going down too much any time soon.

Jurassic Park is another game which should be sold, it seems to be always available and the hype for the new movie peaks collectors interest and sends the price higher than what it should be.

Games to look out for (future rare games)

There’s a number of games I recommend picking up as they are becoming rarer and more valuable. These games include:

Gun Valkyrie

Otogi 1 and 2 (1 is more expensive)

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Robotech Battlecry

Dead or Alive Ultimate: Double Disc Collectors Edition (In sleeve)

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Digimon World 4

Yu Gi Oh dawn of Destiny

Call of Ctulhu

Bloody Roar Extreme


Fallout Brotherhood of Steel

The Godfather (Coffin/Tin Limited Edition)

Fahrenheit (with cardboard sleeve)

Any Xbox Live starter packs (Rallisport Challenge 2, Halo 2, PGR2. Pro Evo)

Bloodrayne 2

Nightcaster II

Outrun 2005 Coast to Coast

World Racing 2


Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Operation Winback 2

Eggo Mania

Shenmue 2

Jet Set Radio Future


Antz Extreme Racing


Rare games at an affordable price (Under £5 usually)

WTA Tour Tennis

Toxic Grind

Gravity Games Bike: Street Vert Dirt

Kao the Kangaroo 2

Tennis Masters Series

Super Rugby League 2


Paris Dakar Rally 2

Mdetal Slug 4

ToeJam and Earl III

American Chopper 2

Finding Nemo/Incredibles Double Pack

Tony Hawks Project 8

Spikeout Battlestreet


Taz Wanted

Wrath Unleashed



Conspiracy – Weapons of Mass Destruction

Metal Dungeon

Aggressive Inline

Crimson Sea

Tour De France

Super Bubble Pop

Largo Winch


Furious Karting

MX2002 Feat Ricky Carmicheal

Dancing Stage Unleashed 3

Classified – The Sentinel Crisis

Freaky Flyers

Pilot Down Behind Enemy Lines

Pro Beach Soccer

Pro Cast

Fila World Tour Tennis


I hope this list helps someone out there! Other consoles will be added shortly.









Emulators and ROMs – Should they be made legal?


The legality of emulating games has always been a grey area. The law currently states that owning emulators and ROMS is not illegal but contrasting laws and opinions cast uncertainty over what you actually can and can’t do.

The fact that so many ROM download sites exist suggests that the actual ability to download a game you own to be perfectly acceptable. Is this really the case though? Nintendo doesn’t seem to think so, looking through their legal terms suggests that even if you own the game then downloading a ROM is then considered to be a second copy. How much of their legal terms are there for scaremongering purposes and how much is cold hard facts about the law surrounding emulators/roms and piracy in general is questionable.From Nintendos point of view there is no legal way of playing games on any other hardware apart from the one it was designed for, using the original game cart/CD. This is contrary to a lot of peoples view point who consider certain practices to be acceptable, the law seems to be made up by individuals based on their own morality.

super mario emulated

This opens up a much bigger debate regarding piracy issues. Should we really have to pay twice for a game we already own? Currently there is no way on buying some of the games we own as there is no outlet to do so, therefore the claims of Nintendo and the law in general are somewhat unfair. The fact is that the majority of people would be willing to pay a small fee to play games of old, this is already highlighted by the re-leases we see on consoles of today. The fact that there is no such service for 99% of games leaves very little options. Only a handful of retro games can be found on modern day console e-stores and these are usually the ones most people own anyway. What about forgotten classics of old? What about the games we never got to play? The only workaround seems to be to buy the games from ebay/yard sales etc, which doesn’t help neither the publisher or ourselves. Both of us are out of pocket and in most cases a lot of games can go for significant amounts of money, more than some people can afford.

This raises the question why the big guns don’t release there own service for ROMs and emulators, it would be a source of tremendous income and would be big strides forward in piracy in general. A few dollars per game would be a good price point for many consumers, although the majority of people have huge libraries of illegal ROMs at their disposal already and the fact the problem wasn’t tackled early doors would raise further problems trying to convince people to pay for games they already ‘own’.

If a company does not give a service to purchase a game then should it be legal to download these games? I for one think so and so do many others judging by the popularity of such files.

Should emulating games be legal?

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The perils of being an Xbox gamer


Last generation being an Xbox gamer was great, we started by pushing our great Playstation rivals to last place in the console war with early sales and dominated them in North America overall. There was a host of AAA titles, excellent exclusives and the pad was the best on the market. We laughed at the demise of the Playstation, a console which always had a huge market share which was struggling to match our sales and was getting fingerblasted by the Wii. Life was good, we could announce our devotion to the Xbox brand and could frequent forums without ridicule and poke fun at Sony and their failings. How times have changed.

Are female gamers treated equally?


In an age where women have pushed equality and fought for their rights and are now deemed equal, we still see the term ‘gamer girl’, ‘gamer chick’ or similar cringeworthy term used to describe them.

The rise of mobile gaming has seen a huge rise in the numbers of females who are now considered ‘gamers’. A recent report by The Guardian shows that the gaming popularity is actually made up of more females than males but labels remain.


Hardly representing the average woman here.

Success based on looks or skills?

Although no one can be sure who came up with specific terms, it was not until the last decade where women finally finding a voice in the online gaming community. Various ‘clans’ came forward throughout this period, probably spearheaded by the ‘Frag Dolls’  who were a team of women thrown together by Ubisoft in a publicity stunt to promote their games. Ubisoft ultimately created a team which segregated females and used sex appeal to promote products and a lot of the negative terminology has stemmed from processes such as this.

A new wave of females came through post Frag Dolls which had shown success in creating a career for the members but also gave women a sense of credibility in the gaming world with it.This credibility came at a cost and terms like ‘gamer girl’ arrived due to the fact that women felt the need to separate themselves from men in order to garner attention.

The present day

Yeah, not sure why everyone is tuning in here.

Yeah, not sure why everyone is tuning in.

Whilst much has been done to drop the term ‘girl’ from ‘girl gamer’ it’s still saddening to see the effect of these terms in 2015. The biggest culprit is undoubtedly twitch, which allows scantily clad females to show off their goods in exchange for donations.  These women could easily be said to be exploiting horny ‘boy gamers’ but it’s a sad case in that women don’t feel a sense of equality and attention on social media and the net is usually based on looks. If we take a look at popular channels on twitch which show a female broadcaster then we see these are good looking women who may be talented or charismatic but ultimately become popular because of their looks.

Will things ever change?

Probably not, women will always be sexually harassed online in video games. It’s become embedded in video game culture. They will always be seen by the majority as a minority and not an equal. Although huge strides forward have been in real life, it’s the internet and more specifically the gaming world in which equality is lagging behind. The anonymity of online play allows users to say what they want and treat women as they wish. When was the last time you were involved in online play with a female? Did they get swarmed upon by nerdy vultures? Were they ridiculed for being female? Were they being carried by a group of elite male players? The answer is probably a yes to at least one of these questions, which is indicative to the problem women face right now and why labels and segregation exists.

Do you think there is a problem with how we treat female gamers?

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5 must have Wii U accessories


The current range of accessories on the Wii U may be limited in quantity but we all know Nintendo consoles usually have the most collectible and sort after peripherals and this generation is no different. Here is our list of what we consider essentials for the Wii U, we base our decisions on what they add to the experience as well as throwing in a few for just being awesome collector items.

Lizard squad members: The Suspects

lizard squadz

There can’t be too many unfamiliar with the group known as the ‘Lizard Squad’. They delivered a series of attacks to both PSN and Xbox Live causing major outages in the festive period. Whilst the FBI are now getting involved, we take matters in to our own hands and bring you the Top 5 suspects.

Xbox 360 selling the same amount of units as the Xbox One


Whilst the PS4 is comfortably outselling its predecessor, the Xbox One is struggling to shrug off the 360. Sales spiked upon the release of Titanfall but beyond this the sales are pretty much at a tie. The expected dominance of the North American market has somewhat fizzled, with the PS4 beating Microsoft up on its home soil. It’s tough viewing if you’re an Xbox One fan, we all know what went wrong but is there any light at the end of the tunnel for the seemingly ill-fated Xbox One?

Are you a real gamer if you just play FIFA and Call of Duty?


This weeks debate is on the subject of casual gamers, more specifically it’s based on those who purchase consoles without the intention on branching out beyond the yearly CoD or FIFA. Everyone should know at least one person who buys the latest console just to play either or both of these games. Usually they have no interest in the single player aspect of the game, which is reflected in their gaming history through lack of achievements and trophies. Sure, they are annoying but could they be doing greater damage to the overall gaming sector?

Call of Duty pre-orders are low, who will be the new FPS king?


Call of Duty has long reigned supreme in terms of overall sales for a console game. It’s instant accessibility, coupled with its popularity among teenage boys and the esports crowd have seen sales showing no signs of letting up, until now that is.

Microsoft are still too reliant on the Halo franchise


E3 has long gone but Microsoft missed a vital opportunity to entice the current gaming crowd to their ill fated Xbox One. What could of been a showcase of upcoming showstopping Halo beaters turned in to a bunch of filler games leading up to Halo 5 and the Masterchief Collection. I couldn’t help but feel that this wasn’t the risk taking Microsoft we seen bursting on the scene in the early 2000s. Nowadays their show fills me with cringeworthy moments of failure, making the viewing public sit on the edge of their seat, waiting for the next clanger to be dropped. As much as it hurts to say this, Halo was that clanger this time around.