IPQualityScore Email Validator

IPQualityScore email validator

IPQualityScore email validator provides real-time email validation with hundreds of syntax & DNS checks. This API determines if an email inbox exists with the mail service provider, validates email address syntax, verifies email domain configurations and analyzes recent spam, scams, fraud or abuse complaints.

This validate email address service detects disposable and temporary mail services, catches new domains created specifically for hosting abusive or fraudulent email addresses, and identifies user data leaked from dark web sites. It also scores emails for the frequency at which they make legitimate purchases, account registrations or engage in online activities.

In addition, IPQS detects the first seen date for any account that’s being verified and helps you enhance your email reputation by identifying users with suspicious or risky emails. It also provides domain age estimates to help you identify users who are in the early stages of using a specific domain for abusive or fraudulent activities.

Why Validating Email Addresses Matters for Your Business: A Look at the Benefits

What’s more, this email verification service helps you avoid hard bounces by only sending messages to valid addresses that are inboxed and active on the recipient’s mailbox. This reduces the likelihood of hitting promotional or spam folders, resulting in higher deliverability rates.

The API also provides complete email risk scoring based on the latest data from our threat network, detecting abusive emails that are recently used for chargebacks, sign up fraud, application fraud, and more. This information is automatically trained in your account’s machine learning algorithms that identify high risk behavior among your users, clicks and transactions.

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