Salon Near Me

salon near me

Salon near me

When you want to look salon near me your best, visiting a world-class hair salon is an important part of the process. These renowned establishments feature hairstylists with extensive training and education.

Whether you’re looking to dye your locks in a bold new shade or simply get a trim, these salons are sure to have your back. Book a consultation and listen carefully to what your stylist has to say – you’ll soon have a great idea of what they can do for you!

DIY Hair Styling vs Professional Salon Services: Which is Right for You

A calming one-stop: Sage + Sound on Madison Avenue is a place where clients can indulge in acupuncture, lymphatic drainage massage, facials and classes that ‘nurture the mind, body and soul’. Architect Kyle May designed the space, which ‘feels closer to a townhouse than a traditional salon’, and is a sanctuary for those seeking mindfulness in the city.

Minor Rose in Gramercy Park aims to be an oasis of calm with just chairs for two clients at a time. It’s an ambitious move for the owner, Bradley Scott Rosen, but he’s managed to pull it off.

Suite Caroline’s Lena Ott is a former model who cut her teeth on fashion catwalks in Paris and New York before opening her 2,000 sq ft SoHo salon. The bold colours and cuts for which she’s become known – the space is lined with fuzzy neon stalactites from Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur Arnardottir – nod to her love of avant garde styling.

Austral Salon
2100 North Beltline Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29204

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